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June 03, 2014 09:45 AM PDT
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YESSSSSS!!!!! In the 1980s and early 1990s MINI MART HI POWER ran New York City. Known as the entertainer's Sound System, Mini Mart tapped into the golden age of NYC reggae with their core group of performers as well as the featured artists that would perform alongside them such as Tonto Irie, Shinehead, Screechy Dan, James Bond, Jango Thriller and more. A Mini Mart dance was a guaranteed sell-off as it combined the new digital sounds of the 80s/early 90s with the excitement of the selector/DJ combination that defined the classic Rub-A-Dub dances of the late 70s / early 80s.

As MINI MART Hi POWER will be making their first appearance since the mid 90s, we wanted to put together a Mix showcasing the incredible talent of the MINI MART stable of artists (Sleepy Wonder, Bobo General, Curry Don, Willow Wilson, Sluggy Ranks (R.I.P.), Trevor Sparks (R.I.P.) and Errol T) as well as the artists that will be performing on June 7th (Shinehead, Screechy Dan, James Bond, Tonto Irie and Jango Thriller).

So KEEP the DATE and DON'T BE LATE because the excitement and unique styles of MINI MART HI POWER will return to remind the world just how much NYC contributed and helped to define the aesthetics of Reggae Music all over the world!

Track List:

Sleepy Wonder & Jango - Fade Away (Park Heights/Deadly Dragon) // Tonto Irie - Ramit And Jamit (Witty) / Willow Wilson - Mama Told Me (Witty) / Willow Wilson - Im The Toughest (Witty) / James Bond - Jah IS My Savior (Startone) / Screechie Dan - Dollars (Witty) / Trevor Sparks & Bobo General - Dont Want to Wait (Blue Trac 7) / Sluggy Ranks - Black Man Struggle (Park Heights/Deadly Dragon) / Curry Don - Big Up Every Don / Sluggy - Stamma Style (Park HEights / Deadly Dragon ) / Sleepy Wonder - 88 Champion (Park Heights / Deadly Dragon) / Bobo General - Ghetto Life (Mini Mart ) / Tonto Irie - The Cooker (Witty) / Screechie Dan - Oh What a Shame (Digital English) / / Shine Head - Mama Always Say (African Love)/ Shine Head - Lady In My Life (African Love) / Willow Wilson - No Easy (Witty) / Jango - Maximum Security (Star Tone) / Sleepy Wonder - Big In Body (Deadly Dragon / Park Heights) / Sleepy Wonder - Naah Nobody (Park HEights) / Curry Don - We Lick Shot (Star Tone ) / Errol T - Reggae Music and I (Park Heights / Deadly Dragon) / Sluggy Ranks - Jah Is The Way (Mikey Magic) / Errol t - Brand New Second Hand (Redemption) / Tonto Irie - New York Life (Witty) / Shine Head - Know How Fi Chat (African Love)

May 13, 2014 02:37 PM PDT
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Sometimes a month comes when you find yourself blessed by a plethora of killer new tunes that land in your lap. And when that happens, it is that is what this mix is all about -- whole heap of obscurities from Rock Steady all the way to some brand new tunes. Check for all your vintage reggae needs: TRACK LIST:Rocky Ellis - The Ruler (Studio One) / Bob and Marcia - Always Together (Studio One pre-Release) / Heptones - Sitting on the Dock of the Bay (Studio One) / Albert Tomlinson - Second That Emotion (Studio One Lovers LP) / New Establishment - Pocco Tempo (Studio One) / Sound Dimension - Baby Face (Studio One Pre-release) / Im & Dave - Black Is Black (Money Makers LP) / Gregory Isaacs - Stick By Me (Moodisc) / Gregory Isaacs - Too Late (Blank) / Delroy Wilson - Baby Don't Do It (United Sounds - Pressure Sounds Pre-relase) / Dennis Brown - Maccabee Version (Tranquility) / Melodians - Your Turn To Cry (Mellos) / JErry Davis - the Stage / Winston Macanuff - Unchained (Top Ranking 12") / Willie Williams - Armageddion Man (Vivian Jackson) / Mighty Diamonds - ???? / KC White - NO NO NO (Clocktower 12") / KING TUBBY DUBPLATE / Mystic Eyes - Reality (Dub Irator Reissue) / Barry Brown - PEace And Love Dubplate / Jezreel - Youthman (sun Force 12") / ??????? / Ras Delahaye & The Vibratones - Before I Got Married (Sound Rite Records) / Jah Batta - Tricky Girl (Sun Force 12") / Ranking Dread - Ity Tighty (Yvonne's 12") / Doctor - Third World Dub Plate / General Plough - Toughest Dub Plate Mix / Cornell Campbell - Hustling (Dubplate mix) / Patrick Andy - Can't Take The Vibes (Clash of the Andy's LP - Thunderbolt) / Freddy McKay - Sorry (Ujama) / Itals - Hear Say (Godafather) / Crazy Wilson - Murder Commit (FJ Records) / Doctor - THIRD WORLD DUBPLATE / Devon Clark - Hanging In Deh (Bent Back 12") / Johnny Osbourne - Can't Take The Pressure (Bent Back 12") / Ras Lalabella - Back & Belly Rat ( Rockers) / Dub Stuy - Battle Cry (Battle Cry LP) / Ras Laura - New Day (Mount Zion)

March 19, 2014 09:36 AM PDT
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That's right this ya one comes live and Direct inna One Away Style -- some unique tunes that have been running thru my brain the last month. I want to dedicate this mix to the memory of the great Wayne Smith who passed last month -- he was a great artist, great singer and a great person. Rest In Power, Rest In Peace. As always this mix was done LIVE with vinyl and a mixer. Track List: Derrick Harriot - I Got To Find My Baby (Blank) / Alton Ellis - If I Ruled The World (Treasure Isle) / Prince Buster - Sounds and Pressure (Prince BUster) / Tony & Howie - Fun It Up (Bongo Man) / Cornell Campbell - Let the Music Play (Upset) / Alton Ellis - Since I Fell For You (Prince Buster) / John Holt - Riding For a Fall (Jackpot) / Vin Gordon - Riding for a Fall (Blanck) / Big Youth - Phil Pratt Special (Terminal) / Vin Gordon - Riding for a Fall pt. 2 (Blank) / The Pebbles - Black Soul (Black Soul) / Rupie Edwards - Dub Master (Soul City) / Alton Ellis - Black On Black (Soul Beat) / Lloyd Forrest - Where Its At (Bongo Man) / Count Ossie and Lennie HIbbert - Chinese Beauty (Studio One blank) / Dynamic 4 - Lets Make Love (Faze Four) / Cornell Campbell - Give Me Love (Blank) / Ken Boothe - Aint No Sunshine (Splash) / Dennis Brown - Stages in Life (Clintones) / Dennis Brown - Lately Girl (DEB) / Freddy McKay - Drunking Sailor (Money Disc) / Ronald Merrils - danger In Your Eye (Studio One) / Archie McKay - Pick Up the Pieces (Scorpio) / Lloyd Parks - Ordinary Man (Giant) / Gene Rondo - Declaration of Rights (Third World) / I Roy - Tougher Than Tough (Crystal ) / Nairobi Sisters - Promised Land Dub (Flames) / Baba Leslie - Black Horns (Tribesman) / J Frankie - Ghetto Feelings (Solid Sound) / Sam Bromwell - It ago Dead In Babylon (Revolutionary Sounds ) / Earl Cunningham - One Away Man (GG's Hit) / Wayne Smith - Time is a Moment In Space (Pressure Sounds Reissue)

Thanks to all and be sure to check for all your reggaematic needs!

February 03, 2014 10:11 PM PST
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Digging deep into the vaults for this ya one -- tuff tunes plucked from the 12"s, LPs and 7"s that move in a digital style from the early 80s to the early 90s!!! Mixed Live and Direct with 2 Tutrntables and a mixer and vinyl sweet vinyl. For more BIG tunes check BOOM!

Song List: George Nooks - i dont Care  (Ricky Ticky 12") / Reggae George - Georgy Porgy (Crystal 12")/ Frankie Paul - We Rule (Cash Box 12") / Anthony Brown - Black & White History (Reggae Mater Blaster) / Michael Blackford - Bush Doctor (GG's) / Little John - Mash Up A Whole Heap a Them (Germain) / Singer J - Dancehall Cork (World Enterprise) / Ranking Joe - Space Shuttle (Ranking Joe blank) / Throughbread - Free Mandela (Thoroughbread 7") / Blinky - Loving Stylee (Sunset) / Professor Grizzly - Fight The Professor (Crat 7") / Chuck Turner - Trying to Conquer I (Crat) / Professor Grizzley Dubplate Special / Pad Anthony - Yes We Come Again (Skengdon) / Dixie Peach - Dont Rush We (Reggae City)/ Woolsley - Dance In MY Room (Crat 12") / Mikey Melody - Mr Tenderness (Daddy Spud 12") /Duffy G - Bed Bug Pisces 12") / Johnny Osbourne - Peaceful Man (Wittys) / Reggae George - Girl From Brooklyn (reggaematic 12") / Gregory Isaacs - Not One (Culture One 12") / Danny Coxson - Badness No Pay (Devon Russel anf Firehouse Crew LP - King Jam) / Frankie Paul - Tuch Me (Living Room) / Owen Clark - Taxing (DWM 12") /Colonel Flux - Pirate (Raiders LP) / Andrew Paul - Cant Take It No Longer (Y&D) / Horseman - Come Follow Me (Digitech) / Andrew Paul - Under My Sensimilla (Y&D) / Willie Williams - Run Dem A Run (Drum Strre) /Dennis Brown - Changes - 80s mix (Crystal 12") / Errol T - Brand New Second Hand (Redemption) / Frankie Paul - Crackle Them Bone (Glory Gold 12") / Gregory Isaacs - Corn ago Bust (Exterminator 12") / Barrington LEvy - Under Me Sensi (White Label 12") / Nitty Gritty - Duppy a Come (Uptemp0) / Mikey D - Wisdom (Top Notch 12") / Collie Weed - Tragedy (FM FORCE) / Derrick Parker - Only Jah Jah (Mau Mau Jungle Pt. 2 LP - Sky High) / Little Robert - No Drugs (Expensive & Dear LP - Posh)/ Bucky Ranks - Gun Mechanic (Q.E.B. Records) / Turner Saw & Top Cat - Under Mi Gun (Fresh & Strong Pt.2 LP) / Conroy Smith - A Nuh Gun ((Fresh & Strong Pt.2 LP) / Super Black - Sound Boy (Fresh & Strong Pt.2 LP) / Wayne Fire - Rail Up (80s Dun, 90s Come LP - Taurus)/ Judas - All Gangster (Mello Texs 12") / Johnny Ringo - Dead Yu Go Dead (Mephanaij Dracon 12") / Villa Ranks - Pon De Trigger (Fling Out 12") / Nicodemus - Ole Veteren (Fling Out) / Louie Ranking - Tombstone (Roughneck)

December 30, 2013 01:18 PM PST
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Last Minute END-OF-THE-YEAR mix to play on your New Years party, in your car or just whenever you are feeling like some serious organ driven reggaematic Scorchers!!!!

This mix was done a few months ago for our good friends at NICE UP aka and now we thought we would ahre it with everyone before the NEw Years kicks in.

I totally blanked on the play list so You'll Just have to enjoy!!!

Check for LOTS of killer tunes!

December 04, 2013 11:27 AM PST
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This one goes out to one of our favorite singers of all time: Junior "Soul" Murvin who passed away this week. From the Rock Steady Cuts he did with Derrick Harriot to his epic Lee Perry produced tunes to the Digital Masterpieces he crafted in the 80s, Jr. Murvin carried a unique style that, no matter how ethereal sounded, was tied to the day-to-day experiences of the sufferers. This mix is not intended to be a "best-of" or anything like that, just a group of tunes we love. Everything on this mix was recorded live and direct with vinyl sweet vinyl but I tacked on the last tune - "Cross-Over" from Marmalade166's You Tube Channel because I couldn't find my copy of the tune! So enjoy the mix and Big Blessings to Junior Murvin for providing such inspirational music


Glendevon Special (Crystal - Reissue), The Hustler (Pre-release), Magic Touch (Crystal - Reissue), Super Love (Sounds of Monk), Flying High (Sounds of Monk), Super Cool (Sounds of Monk), Super Cool Pt. 2 (Sounds of Monk), Rescue the Children (Move & Groove), Roots Train (Upsetter), Roots Train Dub (Upsetter), Tedious (Mango), Police & Thieves (Mango), Philistines on the Land (Upsetters), Grumbling Dub (Mango), Bingo Kid Dub (Upsetters), Bad Man Possie (DATC), Bad Man DubWise (DATC 12"), Have Been Trying (Thunderbolt), Cool Out Son (Heavy Duty), Strikes and Demonstrations (Arrival), Apartheid (Live & Love 12"), Jack Slick (Live & Love 12"), Make It And Set It (Taurus Reissue), Dancehall Girls (Jammys), Cool Off Son (Jammys), On The LEvel (Jammys), Bounce Back (IUS), Have Some Mercy (Jammys), Puss and Dog (Mr. Murvin Music Maniac), Police And Thief(Ghetto Beat), Cross Over (Upsetters)

October 25, 2013 11:46 AM PDT
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Just in time for your Halloween party!!! Here's a likkle mix of the creepier, spookier and goofier side of the reggaematic experience! ENJOY!!!!

As always this mix was mixed live and direct with sweet vinyl! For alla your scary reggae needs check

Track List: Prince Buster - Haunted House // Prince Buster - Ghost Dance // Charles Hana - Dark Shadows // King Horror - Loch Ness Monster // Bob Marley and Wailers - Mr. Brown // Inn Keepers - Duppy Serenade // Bob Marley - Duppy Conqueror // Count Lasher - Font Hill Duppy // Observers - Quiet // Upsetters - Dub Plate Pressure // Upsetters - Black Bat // Leo Graham - Doctor Demand // Leo Graham - Black Candle // Roy Shirley - Praying for the Problem // Cordills - Sweet & Happy // Levi Williams - Duppy Jamboree // Silver Shadows // John Holt - Strange Things // Horace Andy - Rock To Sleep // Wayne Wade - Man Of The Living // Rosylyn Sweat & Paragons - Blackbird Singing // Peter Tosh - Burial // Burning Spear - Resting place // Dillinger - Duppy Boasty // Duppy Conquerors - Taking Control // Sancho - Chase Vampire // Roland Alphonso - Song For Rollie // Prince Buster - Hard Man Fi Dead

September 11, 2013 12:41 PM PDT
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PODCAST CALLED SLIPPING INTO DARKNESS!!! This one coming from deep down nitty gritty echo chamber where US souls and funk came creeping into JA roots and harmonies. Mixed as always -- LIVE and DIRECT -- with 2 turntables and vinyl sweet vinyl. Check for more records and love!

TRACK LIST: 1. Riley's All Stars - Black Eye (Riley's) 2. Reckless Breed - Tranquility (Pisces) 3. Carl Bradney - Slipping into Darkness (Darker Than Blue - Blood & Fire comp) 3. Zoot Zimms - African Challenge Version (Studio One) 4. Lloyd Williams - Is It Because Im Black (Supreme pre-release) 5. Trammy - Horns of Paradise (Wind) 6. Lloyd Charmers - African Zulu (Randy's) 7. The Begining Of the End - Funky Nassau (alston) 8. Prince Buster - Funky Jamaica (Prince Buster - RockAShocka Reissue) 9. East Of Rockfort Rock (Dubplate) 10. Rockfort Rock Talking (Dubplate) 11. East of Rockfort Rock take 2 (Dubplate) 12. Dirty Harry - The Poor Barber (Jackpot) 13. King Tubby - Ali Baba Dub (Dubplate) 14. Tyrone Taylor - Coptic Time (Top Ranking) 15. David Jah Son - Natty Chase Barber (Dub Station) 16. John Holt - Strange Things (sunshot) 17. Delroy Wilson - ? (Test Press LP) 18. Joe White - KEnyata (Panther) 19. William Shakespare aka Gregory Isaacs - Late At Night (Sounds United) 20. ? - Matthew Mark Luke and John (Blank) 21. Termites - I Made a Mistake (Studio One pre) 22. Cecille Campbell - Breaking Up (Studio One Pre) 23. Winston - Badminded (Studio One Rocksteady comp) 24. Tommy McCook - Hot Shot (Blank) 25. Invaders - You Touch My Soul (Sir Collins reissue) 26. Roy & Dizzy - Valley Of The Dolls (La Fud Del) 27. Joe Lemon & 7th Vibrations - Under the Boardwalk (Soul Sounds) 28. Johnny Osbourne - Ready Or Not (techniques) 29. Bone, Soul and Mudies All Stars - Strippin To The Bone Vol. 2 (Moodisc) 30. Ernest Wilson - I Know Myself (Hitsound) 31. Junior Soul - Rescue the Children (Move & Groove) 32. Augustus Pablo - East of the River Nile (Yard Music) 33. The Boss - The Great Muga Ruga (Studio One) 34. John Steele - Selassie on his White Horse (Jammys) 35. Tyrone Downie & The Black Experience - Marcus Jnr (Fox) 36. Jim Brown - Marcus Didnt Deserve It (Shining Star) 37. Norman Brown - La La La At The End (High School)

July 31, 2013 09:21 AM PDT
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On Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 Deadly Dragon Sound and Dub Stuy Records present...
ROOTS OF SOUND SYSTEM featuring TONY SCREW (Downbeat the Ruler), JAH WISE (Tippa Tone Hi-Fi), TOMMY FAR EAST (Solid Rock Japan) and Deadly Dragon Sound.
Every year we throw a BIG ASS party in honor of Jamaican Independence and this year we are coming, once again, with a really killer event celebrating the foundation styles of Soundsystem culture: Ska, Rocksteady and Early Reggae. To this end we joined up with Dub Stuy records to present some of the greatest collectors and selectors of Early Jamaican music digging deep into their vaults, playing some of their most vital and rare records through the “Tower of Sound”, Dub-Stuy’s custom-built hi-fidelity sound system - making The Roots of Sound System perhaps the first-ever proper Revive Dance to be held in New York City.

First up we haveTony Screw - DownBeat the Ruler. Since the early 70s DownBeat has been entertaining and educating crowds from Brooklyn to Berlin with his inimitable blend of stage presence, exclusive dubplates and a second sense for keeping a dance floor packed. Downbeat the Ruler Sound has introduced generations of reggae fans to the sounds of Studio One, the blueprint of Jamaican music.

Next up, we are proud to present, for the first time in NYC, TOMMY FAR EAST (SOLID ROCK JAPAN): Hailing from Tokyo, Japan and the youngest selector on the bill, Tommy Far East has become known throughout the world for both his tremendous archive of original Ska and Rocksteady vinyl and the absolute joy he has in sharing it with audiences throughout the world.

And finally a man who has taught we here at Deadly Dragon so much about music, about tunes, about that weird alternate cut to that Studio One selection that you can never remember the name of -- JAH WISE of TIPPATONE SOUND. JAH WISE has been involved in Jamaican music ever since Ska was first invented. Growing up in West Kingston, Jamaica with his brother, singer Cornell Campbell, he has been continually playing with sound systems since 1967. As the top selector for Tippatone, Jah Wise has selected for every legendary deejay from Big Youth to Dr. Alimantado and beyond.

And of course, we Deadly Dragon folks will be flinging down a few tunes to keep things proper!

A Jamaican Independence Day Celebration

Saturday | August 3rd, 2013 | 9pm to 3am

@ The Paper Box
17 Meadow Street, Williamsburg
$15 advance / $20 door

L Train to Grand

And in honor of this Event we give to you a crucial mix of Ska and Rock Steady that we made back in 2007.

1. Baba Brooks - Dreadnaught 2. Don Drummond & Skatalites - Chinatown 3. Skatalites - Exodus 4. Ernest Ranglin Combo - Exodus 5. Skatalites - Love in the Afternoon 6. Skatalites - Sudden Destruction 7. ????? 8. ????? 9. KEn Booth & Stranger Cole - Artibella 10. Ken Booth - you're no good 11. Rita Marley & Soulettes - Come To Me 12. The Sensations - Juvenile Deliquent 13. Alton Eliis -- The Preacher 14. Prince Buster - Dont Throw Stones 15. Prince Buster - Al Capone 16. Baba Brooks - Teenage Ska 17. Prince Buster - Black Dragon 18. Prince Buster - One Step Beyond 19. Roland Alphonso - Tune for Rollo 20. Prince Buster - Hard Man Fe Dead 21. Prince Buster - Prince of Peace 22. Joe Higgs - Dinah 23. Clarendonians - Table Gonna Turn 24. Wailers - Let Him Go 25. Alton Ellis - Rude at Last 26. Alton Ellis Cry Tough Dub Plate 27. Zoot Simms as Mr. Foundation - See Them a Come 28. Dandy Livingstone - We Are Still Rude 29. Tartens - Save a Little Bread 30. ??????? 31. Eric Mony Morris - Play It Cool 32. Justin Hinds - Save A Bread 33. Ken Booth - Swinging King 34. Sensations - Shake It 35. The Soul Agents - GEt Ready To Rocksteady 36. Alton Ellis Dubplate 37. Slim Smith - People Get Ready 38. Slim Smith - Hip Hug 39. Dawn Penn - Blue Yes Blue 40. Heptones - Crying Over You 41. Keith & Tex - Hypnotizing Eyes 42, Helmsley Morris - Little Things 43. Ken Booth - The One I Love 44. Desmond Dekker - Fu Manchu 45. PEter Tosh - Stepping Razor 46. Al Campbell & The Thrillers - Dont Run Away 47. Errol Dunkley -- You Gonna Need Me 48. Anthony Ellis - The Ruler 49. Heptones - Ive Got A Feeling 50. Bob Andy - Unchained 51. Carlton & Shoes - Love me Forever 52. Bob Andy - Experience 53. Heptones - Sea Of Love 54. Slim Smith & Dave Barker 55. Ken Booth - Home Home Home 56. Freddie McKay - High School Dance 57. The Consumates - What is It

++ Mix Called ALL I NEED... ++
June 19, 2013 03:02 PM PDT
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++ Mix Called ALL I NEED... ++ Yes Indeed -- once again we are beaming out a mix celebrating the sweeter side of life with a hefty mix of lovers, dubs, instrumentals, and roots mixed in a big man style -- strictly vinyl!!

1. Cat Campbell - By The River Brown Sugar (Pressure Beat) 2. Uniques - Conversation (Lees) 2. Heptones - Give Me The Right (Circle Pre-Release) 3. Rasta Man - From Africa With Love (Pressure Beat) 4. Ansel Collins - Stalag 18 (Romax) 5. Counteraction Dub (Techniques) 6. Heptones - Drifting Away - Teem 7. Jah Lloyd - Sunshine Girl (Teem 7") 8. Don D Jr. - Reble Rock (Teem 7") 9. Horetense Ellis - With all My Hart (Top Studio ) 10. Skin, Flesh & Bones - Jazz Power (Spiderman)11. ITAL VITAL DUB (Rhythm)12. Sounds Unlimited - Darker Shade of Red (Scorpio 7") 13. Dynamic - Love Forever (Sun Dew)14. Ken Boothe - Speak Softly Love (Staraplle) 15. Roy Shirley - If you Loved (Blank) 16. Pat Francis - Guys Get a Blow (Over Due 7") 17. Determination - Too Much Oppression (D'Nation 12") 18. Kevin Eastwood - Live & Learn (Jupitar) 19. Johnny Osbourne - Purify Your Heart (Techniques) 20. Soul Sister - Touch a Hnd (The Blaze) 7" 21. Dennis Alcapone - Ten commandments (Gee) 22. King Sporty - Rhythm Version (Shacks) 23. Roy Shirley - Muhammed Ali (Public) 24. Mexicano - Huhammed Ali (Ice) 25. MErging Traffic - Mister Magic 26. Randys All Stars - Mission Impossible (Randys Pre) 27. Soul Defender - A Little Bit (Studio One) 28. Chosen People - Psychedelic Train Chapter 3 29. Scotty - Clean Race (Crystal)30. Scotty - Skank in Bed (Harry J) 31. Graduates - Dark Shadow (Graduate) 32. Pioneers - Some Having a Ball (Amalgamated) 33. Tartens - Make Haste (caltone) 34. Junior Soul - The Hustler (Derrick's Blank)35. Bongo Herman - Home Sweet Home (Derricks reissue) 36. Owen Grey - Just give me little sign (Studio One Reissue)

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